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Ikkayees is an established food hub that commenced its journey from a simple food truck and is now one of the best eatery at kozhikhode city. It is our eccentric vision that makes Ikkayees different from other restaurents in town. Ikkayees had always focused on doing something to the society rather than focusing on mere revenue generation. We execute a type of social entrepreneurship, by always keeping aside a part of our profit to the ones in need.

Serving the traditional flavours of kozhikode to the food lovers by adding a pinch of love is our secret to fill the heart of people.



Why Choose Us

We always aimed to create a social entrepreneurship where we could do something to society rather than focusing to generate high income. We always maintained a balance between what is for us and what is for society. Thus rather than running like any other eateries we supply homemade snacks which is made by various women with culinary skills at their houses , with an aim of women Upliftment and to give an exposure for the women to public. Recently we employed a few differently abled people to our restaurant to nurture confidence in them and to make them self-reliant. It was very amazing to see the changes that job bought to the life and characters of those people.

ikkayees along with golden palace group of companies is now planning a few number of expansions inside the country and abroad, which will be hopefully launched soon. we aim to keep doing what we do hopefully more than that to help others to bring out thier talents and to help people being self sufficient. After all its all about relationships and bonds having a very good connection with the people we are with is the key to make them happy. I hope that will be the same in future too .

Message from the Director

My life was also same like everyone else like any teenager or youngster. Attending a charity orientation camp organized by Institute of Palliative Medicine, Kozhikode changed my vision of life. Back then seeing all those people in wheelchair made me sympathetic towards them but it was after interacting to them i understood that the real heroes are not the ones we applaud and worship but these differently abled people who laugh at life and spread the laughter to others despite what life throws at them. Having a bunch of friends who stands with us through every fall and high is another driving factor in my life. According to me, my business is not about what and how much we make its more about what the world got from it. By the prayers and support of many such people.

Fulaij N

Founder & Director

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